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Free Business Expense Tracker Template

View and track all your expenses in one go with Budgetly’s Free Business Expense Tracker Template. This handy template allows you to track employee expenses as well as manage and plan business expenses through a handy categories budget planning worksheet.


What’s included in this template.

1. A ‘User Guide’ that shows you how to use the template, including tips and tricks!

2. An ‘Expense Tracker’ worksheet to fill in all your expense related details and sort expenses into categories.

3. A ‘Categories Planning’ worksheet that helps you add, view, and sort all expenses into categories. View all category expenses for each quarter to help you plan your company budgets. 

Download Budgetly's Expense Tracker Template

Q. How do I track business expenses using this business expense tracker?

This expense tracker is simple and easy to use! Simply follow the steps below: 

  1. Download Budgetly’s Free Business Expense Tracker Template.
  2. Log in your daily expenses by filling in all the columns in the 'Expense Tracker' sheet.
  3. Keep all receipts for each transaction.
  4. Group expenses into categories by using the drop-down features in the 'Categories' column.
  5. Fill in your expenses according to categories in the 'Categories Budget Planning' worksheet to help you plan your expenses.

Q. Who can use the Business Expense Tracker Template?

This template is suitable for all SMB employees, finance personnel, and business owners.

Q. Why should I track my business expenses?

Tracking your business expenses can help you: 

  • Keep track of all your expenses.
  • Make reimbursements easier for yourself and the finance team. 
  • Ensure that all transactions are accounted for. 
  • Help with reconciling transactions with the bank. 
  • Plan company budgets better. 
  • Save company costs in the long run.

Q. Is this really free?

Yes! We know how hard it is to keep track of company expenses and receipts. We’re just here to make it easier.

Q. How do I track business expenses in Excel?

This template downloads in an Excel spreadsheet. So all you have to do is download it and use it to track your expenses easily.  

Q. How do I track business expenses in Google Sheets?

Simply download the template and upload it onto Google Sheets and you’re ready to go.

Q. Is the Budgetly Business Expense Tracker Template expense tracker printable?

Yes! All sheets can be printed and used. This template is best optimised for a ‘Fit to Page’ and an ‘A3’ paper print in landscape format.