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Download Budgetly's Free Staff Induction Checklist


What is a staff induction checklist? 

A staff induction checklist is a crucial document that highlights all the necessary processes and information for staff to begin work efficiently. Having a checklist saves time during induction and allows employees to transition smoothly into the company. 

What should be included in a staff induction checklist? 

Your staff induction checklist should include the usual staff induction requirements such as forms, processes, and various employee checks. 

How to use Budgetly’s staff induction checklist

Step 1: Enter your details to download the editable checklist (available in a Word Doc and Google Doc Template).
Step 2: Personalise the document as needed by adding or removing the rows on the checklist.
Step 3: Implement it in your induction process and tick off each item on the checklist once done.
Step 4: Enjoy a smoother induction process and welcome your new team member into the company! 

Download Budgetly's Staff Induction Checklist