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Download Budgetly's Free NDIS Staff Induction Checklist


What is an employee induction checklist? 

An employee induction checklist is a crucial document highlighting all the necessary processes and information for staff to begin work efficiently. Having a checklist saves time during induction and allows employees to transition smoothly into the company. 

What should be included in an NDIS staff induction checklist? 

In addition to the usual staff induction requirements, NDIS staff may be asked to provide additional details and checks to their companies. This includes a Working With Children Check, NDIS workers screening check, and training specific to NDIS. 

How to use Bugetly’s  NDIS staff induction checklist

Step 1: Enter your details to download the editable checklist.
Step 2: Personalise the document as needed by adding or removing the rows on the checklist.
Step 3: Implement it in your induction process and tick off each item on the checklist once done.
Step 4: Enjoy a smoother induction process and welcome your new team member into the company! 

Download Budgetly's NDIS Staff Induction Checklist