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Use Budgetly's Free Expense Process Audit


Is your company managing expenses effectively? Use our quick expense process audit!  

An expense process audit evaluates your company's expense management process to better understand its effectiveness, compliance, and control measures. 

Why audit your company's expense process? 

Your company might be spending an unnecessary amount of time and money managing expenses ineffectively. By auditing your expense process, you can get a better understanding of how to maintain compliance, reduce admin time, and minimise overspending at your company.  

How to use Budgetly’s expense process audit

Step 1: Enter your details to get a link to our online audit survey.
Step 2: Go through each question to understand your expense process. It should take you around 5 minutes to complete. 
Step 3: Calculate your audit scores to find out how efficient your company's expense process is.

Access Budgetly's Expense Process Audit